Football Squares Pool

Not interested in the teams playing in a football game? Bet on the score instead. Now you will care about the game, or at least the score. I couldn’t find a good free form to printout, so I made one (printable pdf version). If any of this is helpful, feel free to click a sponsored link on the right or below.

Here is how the popular pool betting game Squares works:
  1. Get people to pick a square. There are two options: you can cut up the grid into 100 squares, label them, and pick them randomly out of a cup. Or you can leave the grid intact and let people pick the any square they want. If you want this to be fair you need to randomize the row and columns after people pick their squares because 0,3, and 7 are statistically superior to 2.
  2. You want to sell all 100 squares to guarantee someone always winning. If you can’t find 100 people, then let people buy more than 1 square. You also have the option of carrying over the payout to the next quarter, but it sucks when no one wins. So make sure the grid is full.
  3. The x,y pair means (home, away) the last digit of the scores (e.g. 7 is the last digit of 7, 17, 27, and so on). For instance, if you have square (0,0) and the score at the end of any quarter is 10-0, 0-0, 0-10, etc. then you win. Remember: order matters, 3-7 is not the same as 7-3
  4. A payout schedule has to be determined ahead of time. Common payout schedule is supplied below.
Example football squares board from Super Bowl XLVII:
  • Mandy

    Could you explain in more detail how to play the football squares pool? I used to play many years ago and want to add this to my Thanksgiving day football. If you have time please send more details I only half get it.

  • This is basically getting an excuse to gamble and gain interest in a game. As I explain above, you are betting on the score of the game. So if I thought at the end of the 1st quarter that the game would be 7-0, then I would try and get that square. If I had that square, then I would win if the score were 17-10, 7-10, 17-0, etc.

  • chris palmer

    how do the reverse or backwards numbers work?

  • T

    How do you select the numbers? I have a pool going and I am waiting to fill the squares before I put the numbers on the side. But, I don’t know where to place the numbers for the scores.

  • naTE

    T the number selection is random. put the #’s in a hat or something

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  • Setting up an automated football square is easy at Select “new game”, select the desired matchup from the football season schedule from the list. Select your play options like win by each quarter or finals only and select square limit per player. Select “player” tab and invite people in your pool game. Only those invited will see your board game. When the grid are full you must click “generate” to generate random numbers for the game. You don’t need to pick numbers out of a hat. Lot’s of fun avatars for players to pick from.

    If you don’t want the automation of the game and just like the paper grid then select the matchup and print the grid. Have fun playing football squares.

  • Informative post.Thanks for sharing these important tips & tricks with us. It will really helpful in playing pool betting game Square.

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  • Informative post.Keep it up.

  • Mary Floyd

    Why is the grid divided into 9 rows & 9 columns? How does 9 relate to football?

  • Max Struever

    is it just me or does Option 3 add up to 110%?

  • Denae

    How does the half The score thing work

  • Mike

    What do u do when you on,y have 50 filled in and no one wins a at do you role the money to the next qt

  • DeEtta

    In the case of a tie in 4th qtr do you pay 4th quarter numbers or final score?

  • Lala Concho

    Did you ever get an answer for this?

  • DeEtta Kaye Bennett


  • I’ve heard of both. Usually it is more straightforward to pay 4th quarter score unless it is declared 4th/OT ahead of time/printed on the card.

  • Shane OBrien

    Then transfer the names to a 50 square pool.

  • Shane OBrien

    It’s just you. 10 + 20 + 20 + 50 = 100