Steve, I am disappointed

Why would you not evolve the use of the Mac Mini to a HTPC (home theater PC)? Look at the form factor, people have wet dreams about connecting the Mini to their TVs in their living rooms. Put some movies on iTunes Music Store with the TV shows that already exist. People can download video podcasts, TV shows, music videos, and movies to their Mac Mini and play them on their HDTVs. In addition, you could put a TV card in the Mac Mini and use it as a DVR. People could then put all this video content easily on their iPod videos. It just makes sense. Why won’t you just do it already instead of teasing us with all this other crap like a $99 leather case for an iPod or a $349 iPod Hi-Fi (isn’t it just a Bose Sounddock, except worse and more expensive)? Mac Mini Look at how small it is! Mac Mini It already has DVI-out to an HDTV! It has a powerful processor! Why?