Synergy Download for Linux and Windows Download for Mac OS X (SynergyKM - the missing GUI) They call it Synergy. I call it magic. Who needs a KVM switch when you can control multiple computers seamlessly? It works between OS X, Linux, and Windows. You could have 3 computers running different OSes with 3 monitors all controlled with the same keyboard and mouse. I was skeptical at first. I thought the experience would be like using VNC or remote desktop, but it is sooo much better. The experience is so seamless I found find myself trying to drag windows across the screens. If you have ever run dual monitors, where both monitors are connected to the same computer, then you have a good idea of how this experience will be (except they will be different computers!). “With synergy, all the computers on your desktop form a single virtual screen. You use the mouse and keyboard of only one of the computers while you use all of the monitors on all of the computers. You tell synergy how many screens you have and their positions relative to one another. Synergy then detects when the mouse moves off the edge of a screen and jumps it instantly to the neighboring screen. The keyboard works normally on each screen; input goes to whichever screen has the cursor.”