Appian Interview

This weekend I went up to Washington, DC to interview with Appian for a full-time position as a software engineer. They flew me up, interviewed me, and took me out to lunch. I even got to play some foosball in the lounge after lunch. Pretty good time.

Afterwards, I took a cab to the Metro to meet my sister, Angela. I ate dinner with her at a Thai restaurant. We were pretty tired so we just went back to her apartment, watched 20/20, and went to sleep. We did do a charity walkathon really early in the morning, so going to sleep was probably the best idea. The next morning we woke up at 6:30am, went to L’Enfant Hotel to eat breakfast (part of the event), signed in, got our T-shirts, and started walking.

After the walk, we saw a marching band from Eastside. I think they were from a high school, but I am not sure. When the marching band was done playing, we walked over to the Botanical Gardens because they was a plant that “smells like rotting carcass.” I was intrigued, so we went. Interestingly enough, it also looks quite phallic. But my flight is boarding so I’ll wrap up now.