Random Thoughts on the Airplane

While I was on my flights from RDU -> Midway -> SEA on Southwest Airlines, I thought a lot. It is a consequence from all that time alone.

What I thought about:

  1. Finals are over and college is winding down.
  2. Southwest – friendly airline
  3. Southwest & McDonald’s gift certificates?
  4. Dean Kaman drinks his own urine like in Waterworld
  5. Little kids really do kick the back of seats on airplanes, it is not an unfair stereotype.
  6. Divx DVP642 DVD player surprisingly good for playing xvid files
  7. Most annoying things about Mac OS X (finder, mail quirks)
  8. Baffles me how things always existed but people get a buzzword and it catches on afterwards.

Examples of new buzzwords:

  1. shoutcast.com existed as Internet radio, now “podcast”
  2. online diaries were personal websites that described peoples lives, now called “blogs”
  3. IPTV is just video files that are released digitally over the Internet