Finally! Media agrees decline isn’t piracy’s fault

Maybe people only want to see movies like Star Wars, King Kong, or other movies that are more enjoyable on the big-screen. God forbid that teenage boys are not responsible for the billion dollar decline in the movie industry because they are pirating DVDs. I guess it is a good thing that they are more than making up for it in DVD sales? Interesting..

“It could just be a continued shift away from multiplexes and toward Blockbuster, Netflix, and other home-viewing options, Dergarabedian and others say.

In this scenario, consumers are changing their movie-viewing habits because of multiple complaints related to theatergoing: soaring ticket costs, high parking and candy-concession prices, and, perhaps, decreased enjoyment of the movie-house experience because of unruly audiences and a growing number of on-screen ads.

“People have had it with all the annoyance and cost of going out when they can be in so much better control of what they see at home — and for cheaper,” said Nancy Snow, professor of communications at California State University at Fullerton. “That means fewer and fewer want to put up with the hassle unless they know the movie will be outstanding. So they have higher standards and expectations.”