Duke LAX Scandal

Summary: Stripper accuses Duke LAX team of rape. Media goes crazy and swarms Duke campus. Duke suspends the season, the coach then resigns, finally Duke cancels season. A disturbing e-mail comes out. Media goes crazy again. People bet on the DNA results. All 46 samples of DNA evidence come back negative. Duke LAX gear is selling out.

All right, so the Duke lacrosse team has been incriminated by the media for underage drinking, hiring two strippers, and then raping one of those strippers. District Attorney Mike Nifong has publicly stated that he believes an indecent crime happened despite inconsistencies in the story of the alleged victim, all 46 sample of DNA evidence returning negative, and photographs that show she came to the house intoxicated and already covered in bruises. Not to mention that she has been convicted of giving a lap dance to a taxi cab driver, then stealing the taxi cab from the driver when he, quite literally, had his pants down around his ankles.