Movie Reviews by Keith Lam

I’ve seen 5 movies in the last month. As far as I can tell, that feat makes me qualified to be a movie critic. I will rank them and leave a little comment about what I think. I like to rank them on the following scale:

  • You should definitely watch it
  • If you are bored, go watch it
  • Rent it, if you are bored
  • Shouldn’t waste your time
  1. X-Men 3
    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    While it wasn’t my favorite X-Men film, it did tie up some loose ends. I enjoyed the movie, and it was very entertaining. The story is pretty jarring though. Stuff happens that I definitely did not expect. Not great, but you should definitely watch it (especially if you saw the first 2).
  2. M.I.3
    Mission: Impossible III (2006)

    Should definitely watch it. I liked this third installment of Mission Impossible, even though I tend to not like the third movie in trilogies (e.g. Matrix trilogy). I liked it even more than M:I 2. But the original is still my favorite. That said, I enjoyed this one from beginning to end, and there were no boring parts that I thought could be removed. The film will hold your attention and entertain you from beginning to end.
  3. Da Vinci Code
    Da Vinci Code (2006)

    Should definitely watch it. If you haven’t read the book, then you will enjoy the plot with its twists and turns. If you have already read the book, then you will want to see what they have done with the plot as you remember and imagined it. Some people hated it, but I really can’t see why. It is pretty faithful to the book, and I liked the book. I love seeing the story I read come to life. Tom Hanks wasn’t great, but Audrey Tautou (current #1 search on imdb) was hot.
  4. Break-Up
    The Break-Up (2006)

    Rent it, if you are bored. I thought the 1st hour was good, funny, interesting. The 2nd hour was lacking direction and seemed to be poorly thought out. It was almost as if they had this good idea, but didn’t know what to do when they wrote the script and it was only an hour long. Everyone got up at the end of the movie with a wtf comment and look on their face.
  5. Just My Luck
    Just My Luck (2006)

    Horrible, don’t waste your time. It was painful to watch, except for Lindsay Lohan. She looked good. The only good part about this movie was validating my claim to my girlfriend that romantic-comedy plots are predicatably boring and cheesy. She even admitted that this particular movie sucked.