Job Update!

Hey everyone who reads this. I know there hasn’t been a lot of personal stuff written lately, so allow me to update you on my life. I have been spending a lot of time with Shannon recently because she is going off to law school at NYU soon. And if what I hear about first-year law school is true, then I won’t be seeing a lot of her for sometime.

This past Sunday was my 22nd birthday, woohoo. Don’t worry if you didn’t remember, just login to Facebook more frequently next year. haha. But seriously you could still buy me something from my wishlist.

I had my mid-year review recently, and I have been at ESPN for 90 days (which was the length of the evaluation period where they decide if they made a mistake hiring you). Yay for partial job security. My major project now is Football Gamecast for NFL and College. If you anyone has suggestions for improvements or bugs let me know.
ESPN College Gamecast
ESPN NFL Gamecast