ESPN Gamecast

I worked on all the gamecast applications on I see a lot of people ask questions that I can answer. This is an unofficial FAQ of all the Gamecast applications. Leave a comment if you have other questions or suggestions about any of the gamecast applications. Try to leave a link to a screenshot if you see a specific bug or error.

Q: How do I open gamecast in a normal window instead of the unresizeable, unscrollable popup window?
Q: How do I access gamecast when the games are over (no links on the scoreboard anymore) to just navigate games, stats, and play-by-play quicker?

A: Click on these links to access what version you want.
NFL Gamecast
College Football Gamecast
MLB Gamecast

Q: How come my team’s game isn’t on the main scoreboard or on the banner scoreboard at the top?

A: You have to navigate to your team’s conference for your team’s game to show up on both scoreboards.

Comment:”No Sound!!!”

Reason: There is no sound at all in Gamecast, no radio or sound effects.

Comment: “My chat comments never show up!”

Reason: The chat is moderated by “The Buzzmaster” so that the most insightful comments are seen, repeated comments are shown only once, and unnecessary (negative/cursing) comments are never shown.

Comment: the timeouts are broken. Why aren’t there timeouts?!

Reason: college isn’t updated and NFL isn’t sent through caster. We don’t do it right now.

Comment: Current drivechart only shows most recent play & no hover text. Make it like College Gamecast!

Reason: NFL forbids us from showing all the data except the most recent play

Comment: Wrong jersey/hat on the player! He was traded! I hate you!

Reason: The mugshots are just old pictures. You make it seem like there have a bunch of team hats that are overlayed on top of people’s heads.