Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses

Clearly I am asian. You would think I would be offended by this strange brand line from Oakley, but I really want some of these sunglasses. Anyone who has ever seen an asian person will agree that they have a different cranial geometry than a typical white person. I couldn’t describe the difference myself, but Oakley has a great description.

Getting the right fit is essential for comfort, protection, and even optical performance. You may have heard industry terms like “European Fit” and “Asian Fit”. If sunglasses tend to sit too low on your face or slide down your nose, touch at your temples or cheeks, or feel narrow at the sides of your head, try our Asian Fit. The tabs below show all the technology we put into making these frames fit with perfection.


I always wondered why the frame on sunglasses was touching my cheeks, lenses too close to my eyes, and the stems too tight on my temples.

Asian Fit Frame
Asian Fit Stems
Asian Fit Nosebridge