OMG…Complaining works

So I hate the application spam on Facebook. I get a million application invites. You know the feeling when you want to see someone’s pictures or read their wall only to find it is buried behind 100 applications that are slideshows, where I’ve been, zombies, favorite music, superpoke, etc. Long story short they are going to move the applications off the main profile page. Woot!


We wanted to give you a heads up about some upcoming changes to the profile and how your application’s profile boxes will work. As time has gone on, we’ve received increased complaints from users that friends’ profiles are getting too cluttered, and that people are having trouble finding the information they are looking for on their friends’ profiles. On the other side, users are complaining that their own profiles are cluttered, and they have installed so many applications that it has become overwhelming to un-clutter it. — Facebook