Expiring Car Warranty Scam

Don’t you hate it when you pick up the phone and hear an automated voice say: This is the second notice that the factory warranty on your vehicle is expiring. Things to help prevent phone spam: Google Voice has a new feature to help you fight phone spam like the fake notice for your expiring… Continue reading Expiring Car Warranty Scam

Happy April Fools Day

Every year there are some great web pranks. Here are a few of my favorite that I have seen so far. ESPN’s Streak for the Cash – Rick Roll on ESPN the Ocho. Opera Browser’s new Face Gestures Gmail Autopilot Google Chrome, browse the web in 3D Google CADIE

How To: Upgrade Macbook Pro

First thing: Identify your version Macbook. RAM Type:200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Speed:DDR2 667 [PC2 5300 The first upgrade is to put more RAM in your Macbook). You probably have at least 1GB, but 4GB is so cheap that there is no reason to upgrade. You can buy 2x2GB kit on Amazon for $38. You should know… Continue reading How To: Upgrade Macbook Pro

ESPN + Apple = iPod Touch Ad

Innovative Apple webpage ads have gotten lots of press in past (see below). Hopefully, ESPN will get some of that Apple sheen to rub off with this latest ad that takes over elements on the page. Apple’s newest online ad has a pretty cool media placement — something that we’re starting to see more and… Continue reading ESPN + Apple = iPod Touch Ad

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Charlie the BlackBerry

My friend Charlie Suwankosai dressed like a BlackBerry. easiest $125 I have earned in a while… run around outside for an hour before the tampa lightning hockey game promoting blackberry.. then run around inside during the 1st period… then we got seats in the lower section and watched the rest of the game…

Permission Denied Error

In Firefox with the Firebug console open, you probably get “Permission denied to call method Location.toString”. This error will get thrown on any page that has a Flash file inside an iframe. The error is prevalent because many ROS ads (Doubleclick, etc.) are served in this exact way. Adobe has a JIRA bug open that… Continue reading Permission Denied Error

My Savings Account History

This is a historical graph of the interest rate on my savings account since I opened my ING Direct account on Sept. 13th, 2005 to today. I have since “day-traded” my savings accounts between ING, HSBC, e*Trade, and Capital One. The interest rates vary from a peak of 5.05% to a low of 2.5%. My… Continue reading My Savings Account History

Me on ESPN

I work at ESPN, but I’m still surprised when I see myself on TV. I mean it isn’t like I am ever supposed to be on TV… The ad on TV for ESPN’s Sound Off The original photo

Heisman & National Championship

I thought that winning the Heisman Trophy was like a curse because Heisman winners lose the national championship game. Apparently I was wrong because Leinart accomplished the feat pretty recently and it has happened 11 times. On the other hand, Jason White laid an egg in 2003 Championship when he won the Heisman, and tonight… Continue reading Heisman & National Championship

Facebook Pushing Gifts

Facebook has had gifts for sale for a couple years now, but they never really pushed them on users until today. The gifts are just pictures that show up on a user’s profile, but they give them special placement, so people like to pay the $1 to make a friend feel special. Today, Facebook put… Continue reading Facebook Pushing Gifts