Bored in CPS130

Well I’m in CPS130 right now and Professor Reif is super boring as always. The only reason I came was to get my test back ’cause the ugrad TA said Erik was going to give them back today. This is the first class I have been in with John since frosh year. But since this dude is so boring neither Charlie, nor John come. His slides always have like 20 colors and I wish I were color-blind so they would all look the same.

On another note I am sick b/c of John and his girl, Allie, leaving germs all over the room. I had to stay up late (4am boo) to write my second paper for CPS182s too. So with the paper, daylight savings time, and germs I am sick and my sleep is messed up. Basically school sucks right now and UNC won a national championship. BOO!!