CPS 130 again

I’m bored in CPS130 again, but this time Charlie is to my left and Georgiana is to my right. So at least I’m not lonely. The food at the Blue Express was good today, they had tilipa over rice. Today’s SIOC had Matt Brooks on the inside cover. Georgiana did listen to me and switch to Thunderbird, just like Charlie did. Charlie also has a smoothie with him, how untypical. He did get a haircut though. I bet Emma made him.

John went to Bojangles with Allie today and skipped 130 for like the…lets just say he has skipped a lot more than he went to. He also asked to drive my car, but I’m pretty sure he didnt take it. I can’t be sure cause I went to sleep. But he wasnt there when i woke up and my car was.

Also i think Doogie Howser was like the first blogger. Isn’t that crazy?