It’s Friday!

Woohoo Friday! I stayed up too late playing video games with Sumesh, Charlie, and George last night. But at least I got them playing as a team in March Madness, I really am a great coach and point guard. Alas it is a video game and not real life, or else I would have a job that was fun. On the bright side this week I finished SPIMulator, the bane of my existence for the last couple weeks (stupid lack of unsigned ints in Java delayed our project success). Now all I have left is XOOGA and P2P Research Project. Then on to final exams CPS104 and CPS130.

Today I had to wake up at 8:00am for my IP class with Astrachan and when I got there he told me that we weren’t allowed to use our laptops anymore. BOO! Not only that but it was because of Jinghui and her stupid comment about “why is everyone looking at me?” Well she was talking and addressing the class, but incidentally the Wifi was down that day so we also had nothing better to do. But on the bright side, since I was working on a Powerpoint presentation for class, Astrachan let me continue using my laptop. But then we didn’t even get to present today because the other 2 people that presented before us too forever and were super-boring.

So we went onto CPS108, we(Sumesh, Chaz, Amrith, and Michael, who was late!) presented our Breakout code to Duvall and the rest of the class. People were nodding at me, giving me thumbs-up, clapping, and winking. It was craziness. Then Duvall showed old Atari commercials and then we had a brief discussion of pros and cons of various designs presented. Afterwards, we waited to discuss with Duvall, but another group wanted to talk to him and we had to wait like 20mins.

Then I left to go to make up a PE weightlifting class and there was no coach or sign-in sheet. So now I probably need to make up another one.

On the bright side my video of people sleeping in class is getting a lot of airtime in the CS department.