New and Improved with Pictures

I have updated my blog with pictures from the last couple months. The pictures include our fabulous picnic table that we “borrowed” from outside and the picnic, pics from Easter, pics from George giving a speech (scary, I know).

Anyways, it is the last day of classes today. My junior year of college is coming to a close. At the end of the year I will give more of a full reflection of the entire year, but right now I will talk about today and things that have happened.

Today was a typical Wednesday, I had my IP class and we finally did our presentation. It went over well. I showed the “Don’t Copy that Floppy” video, I think people liked it. We had bagels as usual. Duvall came in and watched our presentations, which was different cause he never comes to the class. But he had his Powerbook with him and Astrachan kindly reminded him of the Jinghui Rule (no laptops in class, explained in an earlier post).

Then we had 108, which was boring, Duvall showed a bunch of code and made fun of some coding and logic that “is something a CPS 6 student would write.” After class we did evaluations in both classes. I gave pretty good ratings, hopefully the teachers give me good ratings at the end of year. I even took the evals to the office in 108, second time I’ve done that (first was in Chinese 2). After 108, we discussed the paper deadline with Astrachan. Then we got off topic as usual and talked about Tiger (Mac OS X.4). Then Duvall came in and said Astrachan should be defending him right now. So Astrachan left and we talked with Duvall about XOOGA. The next week of my life will be solid coding, paper writing, and studying for 2 finals in 104 and 130.

Tonight, I plan on getting wasted and going to watch Collective Soul, who is the LDOC band this year.