Avoiding the Dishes

John wants me to clean the dishes, so I’m blogging instead. I know great idea. Thanks! Anyways, John’s gf Allie has an agent ’cause she was a model for Abercrombie. That reminded me of the time that my friend Erin found a picture in a magazine that looks exactly like my best friend Jamie. This picture is a scan from the magazine. Crazy right? Well not if you don’t know what he looks like…but yeah. His own mom was convinced for a while.

LDOC was a good time. I hung out in Mirecourt, visited Beta, played March Madness with my pal Charlie, then we (Charlie, Emma, and me) went over to West to hear Collective Soul. I met up with Shannon after some texting to locate each other. I lost Charlie, Emma, and Caroline for the night, but it was a good time. I watched the rest of the concert with Shannon. John went Cat’s Cradle to watch Straylight Run with Allie that night, which is whack ’cause that wasn’t free and Collective Soul was. Good night though.

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