Exams, Moved Out/In, Myrtle

Exams as over and so is moving. Myrtle is done with and concludes another year at Duke. Three years have already flown by so quickly. Exams went great and my grades were actually very satisfying for the first time in a long time. There is something about the finality of moving out and seeing the room that I’ve lived in for the last year completely empty. This year is not as sad because I am doing research at Duke with the CS Dept. So I will be around for the summer and so will a lot of friends.

I am living in Erwin Terrace for the summer above Chai’s with Ty and Derek. It should be lots of fun. I moved everything in and the apartment looks great.

Myrtle was a great time, but last year’s was better. Not in terms of partying or anything, because this year the weather was great. I got more drunk and passed out on the beach. It was pretty awesome, but unfortunately there were less of my friends there so it was kinda sad. But thats okay. Maybe next year.