Internet Access @ 80mph

Driving down I-40 from Durham, NC to Memphis, TN to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving, I realized that I would not be able to make it back to Memphis in time to watch the Duke v Drexel basketball game. So I took my Motorola v330 and my Apple Powerbook out, connected via Bluetooth to my phone, and connected via T-Zones at EDGE speeds. It is reasons like this I pay the extra $5/month for T-Zones. I was watching the box score updates on Yahoo! Sports, but I thought there must be an online radio broadcast as well. So I sent an IM to my roommate John Erickson, he found the Drexel radio broadcast of the game. Unfortunately, Duke has sold out their radio broadcasts to XM radio and ESPN, so one has to pay money to listen to the games. Anyways, John transcoded the RealAudio stream on the fly and re-broadcasted it to me. So there I was somewhere between Nashville and Memphis, driving at 80mph down I-40, listening to a radio broadcast of Duke basketball. What could make life better?