T-Zones, Motorola v330, and Apple Powerbook = Internet Access

This is a little tutorial about how to use the $5/month T-Zones plan, an Apple Powerbook running Tiger, and a Motorola v330 (any Motorola phone with GPRS and Bluetooth will work) to access pretty much everything on the Internet via proxy. You can also get the $20/month T-Zones service and get access to everything without a proxy. I would like to credit Mike Chambers with his info that got this all working for me originally on my Motorola v600 and Panther (read this info for a v600 and AT&T here)

Here is what you need to do:

  • Call T-Mobile and activate the $5/month T-Zones plan
  • Wait until it is activated(2hrs-3days wait)
  • Try to access T-Zones on the phone
  • Go to Ross Barkman’s Modem Scripts page and download the Motorola GPRS Scripts
  • Move the “Motorola GPRS CID1” to ~/Library/Modem Scripts
  • Go to the Bluetooth Preference pane in System Preferences
  • Click on the “Set up New Device…” button
  • Check “Access the Internet…” and “…use GPRS”
  • Mobile Phone Setup 1
  • Choose the “Motorola GPRS CID1” Script
  • Go to Internet Connect and make sure you are connecting to “wap.voicestream.com” and leave account name or password
  • Internet Connect
  • Then choose the Network Pane in System Preferences and select the Bluetooth tab
  • Click the PPP Options button and check the “echo packets” and “header compression options” (Note: YMMV try leaving them unchecked and see which is better for you)
  • PPP Settings
  • Now finally change the Proxy settings to “” port 8080 (it is T-Mobile’s proxy, check at whois.net) for HTTP b/c port 80 is blocked on the $5 plan
  • Proxy
  • If you are having trouble leave comments