Very Productive Weekend

First off, I’d like to congratulate Heather Fishberg and Jeffrey Kobos on their new marriage. Beautiful ceremony and great reception. They even got a shout-out in the NY Times, which is awesome, even though I hate the Times. But good for them.

Also congratulations to me, because I finally sold my 2 old Powerbooks this weekend. I had given up all hope after putting the listings up on CraigsList almost exactly 1 month ago, but this Thursday I was contacted by 2 different people who left their phone numbers. I’ve decided thats when it isn’t a scam. If they leave a phone number. Because god knows I got 100s of emails asking me to ship the laptop somewhere in exchange for a check/money order/Paypal/Other way of scamming people. Long story short, the whole experience was great in the end. I paid $1750 for the 2 laptops, and after 2 years of use I got $1500 back. Not shabby.