Some entertainment

If you actually read my blog, then you know I have been trying to sell two Powerbooks for about a month. I finally sold them this past weekend to people who wanted to meet in person, and left a phone number they could be contacted at. They also apparently graduated from junior high and could piece together an email that didn’t have egregious typos or grammatical errors that only 3rd graders make.

Here is an actual email conversation I had with a “potential” buyer on craigslist, or should I say scammer on craigslist. Note, I haven’t changed any of his spelling, spacing, puncation, or grammar. This is how the emails were originally sent.

“Roland Smith”: Let me know if the [laptop]is still available for sale and get back to me with last price.Thanks

Me: Yes, the 15″ TiBook is still available. Although, I do have 1 offer.

“Roland Smith”: Thanks a lot for your immediate response.I will like to make a payment to you tommorow The payment will be paid to you by the only means i used to pay for my goods which is paypal.Please let me have your name and valid email address so a to have it written down for immediate payment first thing tommorow.

Me: Please send $900 for the 15″ TiBook to me on Paypal. Don’t you want to discuss how where/when you want to pick up the laptop, maybe try it out or something? Do you plan on picking up the laptop in person? Where would you like to meet?

“Roland Smith”:
Thanks a lot.The laptop is for my son in university for his project,and make sure you shippen the laptop when you receive the money because, the payment will be include shipping fees as well.
Dr Smith .

Me: Shipping is a little sketchy (lots of scams involve this), so I would rather meet in a public place to give you the laptop. Do you live far away by chance? I would be willing to meet you wherever.

“Roland Smith”: Sorry,what do you just say?i have never do that in my life even before i become bigman i never think of that.I could have come to your location by my self but, due to my busy schedule i can’t make it.Please i promise you there is nothing like a scam just forget it and it wouldn’t happen by side.