Stupid Electricity Bill

Electric Bill

If you are wondering how much electricity costs for a 1 bedroom apartment in Bristol, CT during the winter, then it is $210.80 (17.94cents/kWh) for the month of February 2007. Other months have been more around $100, even during the summer when I was leaving my A/C running all the time.

I think it is pretty ridiculous paying $210.80 for a single 30-day period. I think Connecticut Light and Power is ripping me off because not only am I using the most electricity this month, but they are charging me more per kWh this month than any other. I spend most of my time at work. The main use of electricity is my electric heating. It must be really inefficient because I only leave my apartment at 50 F all day. Other than heating, the only thing I use is my TV and my Macbook Pro when I am home and awake for like 3 hours.