New iPods!

Kevin Rose’s Apple rumors from August 23rd 2008 ended up coming true 17 days later.

Summary of Engadget’s live blog of Apple’s Let’s Rock event:

  1. iPhone/Touch 2.1 software update (w/Nike+ integration, various performance updates, and emphasis on games)
  2. iPod Touch 2G more like iPhone 2G (w/speaker and rounded corners): 32gb for $399
  3. iPod Nano 4G adds colors and new tall form factor: 16gb for $199
  4. iTunes 8 released w/auto music recommendations based on listening and NBC returns to iTMS
  5. New white Apple in-ear headphones released for $79
  6. iPod Classic update: 120gb for $249
  7. iPod Shuffle update (new colors): 2gb for $69