Robin Hood v Maverick

Robin Hood in a duel with Maverick is all I can picture in my head when I read an article or see something on TV about the election. Everyone talks about how Obama (Robin Hood) wants to spread the wealth around. Less imagination is needed for McCain (Maverick) because the media literally interchanges his name… Continue reading Robin Hood v Maverick

I Call it Coke, not Soda or Pop

See more at Pop v Soda (Red=Coke, Yellow=Soda, Blue=Pop) Yes, I refer to all of the drinks in the picture below (Fanta, Canada Dry, and Coca-Cola) generically as Coke (Soda is acceptable, but Pop is definitely not). And it appears everyone in the South is with me!

New iPods!

Kevin Rose’s Apple rumors from August 23rd 2008 ended up coming true 17 days later. Summary of Engadget’s live blog of Apple’s Let’s Rock event: iPhone/Touch 2.1 software update (w/Nike+ integration, various performance updates, and emphasis on games) iPod Touch 2G more like iPhone 2G (w/speaker and rounded corners): 32gb for $399 iPod Nano 4G… Continue reading New iPods!

Macbook Pro Docking Station

I have always wanted the ability to drive two external monitors with my Macbook Pro. The ViDock achieves this by connecting an external video card (ATI 2600XT) with your MBP via the ExpressCard slot. This leaves the MBP’s video card intact, so you can drive the laptop display and 3 external displays over DVI (at… Continue reading Macbook Pro Docking Station

Track Throwback

Watching the Olympics reminds me of my high school days when I was a competitive track & field athlete. It has been a long time, so I forgot most of my personal records. I did a little googling and found a couple of my results from the past. I am sure I had results better… Continue reading Track Throwback


LAX, originally uploaded by keithlam. I spent way too much time at this airport.

X Games 14

X Games 14, originally uploaded by keithlam.

Shaun White

Shaun White, originally uploaded by keithlam. Practice round in the half pipe