Avoiding the Dishes

John wants me to clean the dishes, so I’m blogging instead. I know great idea. Thanks! Anyways, John’s gf Allie has an agent ’cause she was a model for Abercrombie. That reminded me of the time that my friend Erin found a picture in a magazine that looks exactly like my best friend Jamie. This… Continue reading Avoiding the Dishes

New and Improved with Pictures

I have updated my blog with pictures from the last couple months. The pictures include our fabulous picnic table that we “borrowed” from outside and the picnic, pics from Easter, pics from George giving a speech (scary, I know). Anyways, it is the last day of classes today. My junior year of college is coming… Continue reading New and Improved with Pictures

Picnic in the Apartment

A picture from the picnic (L to R: Shannon, John, Adam, Jeff, Charlie)  Our apartment with a picnic table inside from the picnic we had with Q-shack  one of the bibs that were supposed to be for the crawfish broil 

It’s Friday!

Woohoo Friday! I stayed up too late playing video games with Sumesh, Charlie, and George last night. But at least I got them playing as a team in March Madness, I really am a great coach and point guard. Alas it is a video game and not real life, or else I would have a… Continue reading It’s Friday!

CPS 130 again

I’m bored in CPS130 again, but this time Charlie is to my left and Georgiana is to my right. So at least I’m not lonely. The food at the Blue Express was good today, they had tilipa over rice. Today’s SIOC had Matt Brooks on the inside cover. Georgiana did listen to me and switch… Continue reading CPS 130 again

Bored in CPS130

Well I’m in CPS130 right now and Professor Reif is super boring as always. The only reason I came was to get my test back ’cause the ugrad TA said Erik was going to give them back today. This is the first class I have been in with John since frosh year. But since this… Continue reading Bored in CPS130

Easter Pictures

Pictures from Easter 2005 and George giving a speech. Easter Picture (L to R: Me, George, TJ, Ed, Jeff)  I look good  George does Muhammed Ali impression  George gives Speech